Senior Associate

Jeannine Sandstrom

Jeannine is a leader in the executive coaching industry and has been instrumental in its development as a profession. Since she began coaching in 1992, she has supported many top-level leaders to step into stretch assignments with confidence, undertake radical expansion, and execute innovative business models with success. Her direct and focused coaching style has benefited leaders in such companies as Accenture, Chase Bank, Fidelity Investments, John Deere, Oracle, Puget Sound Energy, and Samson Oil. Jeannine’s specific areas of expertise include senior executive leaders in complex organizations and Board members who work with those leaders. Among her many C-level coaching engagements, Jeannine coached the CEO of a global manufacturing company through his transition into the role from head of the company’s largest division.

Prior to starting her own coaching practice, Jeannine co-founded and led three national consulting companies focusing on leaders in crisis, strategic planning with implementation for mergers and acquisitions, and team development. She holds an EdD and an MS in human resource development from East Texas State University, an MEd in adult learning from Texas A&M, and a BA in English from Anderson University. She is also a Master Certified Coach and a Certified Business Coach. Jeannine is coauthor of Legacy Leadership: The Leader’s Guide to Lasting Greatness (CoachWorks Press, 2nd edition, 2017) and sat on the editorial board of the International Journal of Coaching in Organizations.