Cambria Consulting’s longtime leader, Colleen Gentry, who joined Cambria in 2008 and co-lead Cambria’s Coaching Practice since 2010 with former Managing Partner, Ellen Kumata, has retired. Colleen will remain a part of Cambria’s Coaching Network and will continue in an advisory capacity through a transition period.

Colleen’s career has spanned more than 30 years in organizational development, change management, and executive development as well as coaching. Her work at Cambria included supporting Cambria’s client organizations consulting for coaching program development, talent management strategy, and broad HR strategy. Before joining Cambria, Colleen held the positions of SVP Executive Development, SVP Organizational and Executive Consulting, and SVP Organizational Initiatives at Wachovia Corporation (now Wells Fargo). While there, she led corporate-wide change initiatives and organizational development interventions and established an award-winning strategic Executive Coaching practice supporting key talent in that organization.

In her retirement, Colleen will increase her time traveling the world with her husband, Byron, and investing lots of time with their Great Dane exploring their beautiful home region in the North Carolina mountains.