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Competency Modeling

Know what’s needed to achieve top performance.

About Competency Modeling

Competencies are the knowledge, skills, and attributes that make the difference between average and outstanding. For more than 30 years, Cambria has helped organizations identify the “success factors” that differentiate exceptional performance, especially for employees in challenging, complex, and high-value roles.

Cambria’s Approach

We help identify critical competencies in the context of the organization’s business strategy, challenges, values, and culture. We study an organization’s best performers, draw on decades of our own empirical research into the competencies that make the most difference, and project the organization’s future competency requirements. This approach is more rigorous than using competency dictionaries — especially in pivotal jobs and roles where the difference between high performers and others is especially significant.

Our Results

Cambria’s competency models guide hiring, assessment, succession planning, and employee development by defining the essential differences between superior and average performance in pivotal roles. They also provide a common language for talking about individual performance in the context of the business strategy and what it takes to win in the marketplace. And articulated by observable behaviors, they are readily applied to selection and development.