Senior Associate

Kate Michelson

Kate’s passion is to enable leaders to acquire greater self-awareness and develop their own leadership style to become more effective for themselves and within their organizations. Sharing their goals to achieve business results and manage their own development and transitions, she helps them recognize that this involves not only the behavior, aspirations and actions, but also being able to understand, engage and influence others to create organizational impact.

A key focus of her coaching work is leader transition, which has become a norm in organizations. Working with both the leader and the organization involves feedback and questioning, and developing attitudes and behaviors that will not only be sustainable, but will also be important in making further transitions and for ongoing development.

Kate has lived and worked in Asia for the past 35 years, undertaking projects in India, Japan, China and Australia. Before co-founding Corporate Coaching Partners (Asia) Ltd in 2001, she spent more than 15 years in financial services, education, development and marketing on a regional basis in Asia Pacific. Key clients have included multinational Asian, American and European multinationals located in Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore and Hong Kong, in financial services, energy, high-tech, electronics, health and media, automotive, manufacturing, shipping and construction. Kate’s recent work with senior leaders has extended to the development of high-performing leadership teams through team coaching and facilitation, managing change and aligning strategy to execution.