Senior Associate

Marilena Beuses

Marilena’s extensive international business background as a Fortune 100 executive allows her to understand the dynamics of complex business environments. Born in Venezuela and fluent in Spanish and English, she has specialized in executive coaching, particularly in Latin America, since 2000. She also consults in cross-cultural issues, onboarding processes for newly hired executives or those rising to higher-level positions, mergers and acquisitions, and retirement planning. Her clients have included Sony Music & Pictures, Microsoft, Heineken, Sara Lee, Mastercard, AstraZeneca, Chevron, Bombardier, NASA, and the United Nations.

Marilena began her career holding HR roles within Petróleos de Venezuela. After moving to the United States, she held positions as HR manager for Pepsi Cola International and Vice President of HR Latin America for Citigroup, covering 23 countries and USA operations.

Marilena holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, a BA in psychology and sociology from Duquesne University, and PCC certification from the International Coach Federation. Marilena is also a founding member of the International CEO Center, President of Sabertela (virtual leadership education), and Executive Vice President for Prospanica.