Senior Associate

Mary Jane Ryan

With more than 15 years of experience as an executive coach, Mary Jane uses a brain-based approach to help clients use their strengths to overcome challenges and maximize success. Her emphasis is on thinking rather than personality, which helps individuals overcome blind spots, improve overall performance, and avoid repeating mistakes. A long-time member of the International Coach Federation, she is able to quickly assess the client’s situation and help them create and achieve specific goals tied to business results.

Mary Jane has coached senior and mid-level executives around the world in the areas of transitioning to the next level of leadership; executive presence and presentation; emotional intelligence; driving results through others; navigating organizational politics; and enhancing visibility. She has special expertise in working with high-potential leaders and women executives to increase their influence and impact.

Mary Jane brings a 14-year business background as a CEO of a successful book publishing company, where she had extensive experience in organizational development, human resources, and marketing, and has authored two books on change in adulthood. She holds an MA from Mills College and a BA from Cornell University.