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Accelerate leader effectiveness in new organizations and roles.

About Executive Onboarding & Transition Coaching

The first six to nine months after a leader steps into a new role are the most critical to his or her ultimate success.

Leaders coming from outside the organization face additional complexities as they work to set and achieve goals in a new culture. In fact, research indicates that 40% of executives hired at the senior level are pushed out, fail, or quit within the first 18 months.

Cambria’s Approach

Cambria’s executive onboarding and transition coaching helps new and transitioning leaders at all levels approach their new role through a holistic lens rather than focusing solely on immediate tasks.

Our coaches work with leaders to clarify and validate expectations for their roles, surface conflicting needs and agendas, build relationships with key stakeholders, build strong teams, and create a plan of action to achieve positive, visible impact.

Our Results

Cambria’s executive onboarding program works with transitioning leaders to help them deliver better results faster, avoid missteps and blind spots, and significantly reduce their chances of failure.

Our specialized transition coaching and consulting ensures that leaders rapidly acclimate to new mission-critical roles and — along with their new teams — quickly reach alignment and achieve peak performance.

Addressing Your Key Challenges

Today’s organizations recognize the importance of effective onboarding solutions for new leaders. The challenge for most is the need to move internal leaders into broader, more complex roles, often before they’re fully ready. These leaders must take the reins of new, critical roles, and deliver important results in their first few months on the job.

Some organizations provide leaders new to the organization with orientation programs, checklists, and targeted training, such as an introduction to the company culture. However, these solutions don’t deliver the individualized support new leaders need to be most effective in their unique context. Senior executives moving to a new assignment with a new team and possibly a new geography also need focused and personalized support to get up to speed.

How Cambria Helps

Cambria’s executive onboarding and transition coaching provides several key advantages:

Coaching at Every Level

Cambria provides onboarding coaching services for all levels to accelerate the ability of leaders to come up to speed in the critical first 90 days in their new roles.

Whether onboarding new leaders or helping them transition to new assignments, Cambria’s experienced executive coaches provide that “personal trainer” element needed to ensure success.

Benchmark Against the Best

Cambria can review your current HR onboarding practices, benchmark them against internal and external best practices, and create a onboarding approach for new leaders or leaders in transition. We support the new approach with phases at specific intervals and incorporate corresponding objectives and activities.

Proprietary Processes and Tools

Cambria leverages tools based on decades of experience as well as research into leader transition effectiveness.

Designed to support each stage of the onboarding coaching process, our tools include targeted exercises, forms, templates, and planning documents. Cambria’s coaches tailor them as needed to the unique circumstances of each transition situation.

Demonstrated Effectiveness and Value

Cambria’s executive onboarding and transition coaching is an investment with high return. Whether we’re supporting an internal leader transitioning to a new role through promotion, a lateral move, a rotational assignment, or a new hire being launched into a high-profile position, we bring demonstrated value that supports our clients’ integrated talent strategy.

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