A global executive search firm was struggling with inconsistency in its orientation and onboarding efforts. Although the firm periodically conducted in-person orientation programs, it was imperative that new hires begin to learn about the business and key aspects of their jobs starting on day one.

Cambria developed an online new-employee orientation program for the firm’s recruiters. The program — built on Cambria’s TalentApp® platform — is organized by time, so that new hires know exactly when they are expected to learn about specific topics over the first month on the job. The site includes a dynamic checklist to help participants stay on track. New hires now have 24/7 access to an engaging learning experience complete with videos of firm executives and recruiters, interactive Flash modules, and links to training presentations, online resources, forms, and helpful tools.

This online orientation program made it possible for new hires to learn about critical skills and knowledge areas before getting “thrown into the fire” on actual searches and being forced to learn on the fly.