A major international investment bank had a paper-based process for selecting people to be promoted to the top rank of managing director (MD). The process became unmanageable as the firm doubled in size in the course of just a few years. In addition, each division of the firm had a different way of generating revenue and measuring achievement, further complicating the task.

Cambria created a new automated process that combined the virtues of the prior process with the efficiency of a flexible, web-based application, developed and hosted on our TalentApp® platform. The new system maintained a central record of all forms and made them accessible online to MDs in offices around the world, enabling any MD to log in, identify a candidate, complete a form for that person, and submit it. The system used a combination of standardized forms and customized questions that reflected important differences among divisions.

The site streamlined the entire promotion process, and the new reports made it easy for members of the evaluation committee to identify the most important information and focus on the qualities and achievements that each division valued most.