Success Stories

Performance Management

Technology Implementation Firm

Cambria supported the definition and development of a common global performance management process and framework for all of this firm’s employees, worldwide. This common performance measurement framework created a visible link to senior executive performance management, respecting differences by workforce and level, while providing a foundation for a single companywide global objective setting and performance appraisal process and system.

The new process made it easier to set goals related to the firm’s “balanced scorecard” categories; incorporated competencies into the assessment and development sections of the process; incorporated online tips and guidelines to help supervisors and employees with ratings and other performance management activities as needed; and included detailed content and “real-life” cases designed to teach employees and supervisors how to set objectives and assess results. Additionally, Cambria helped the firm define metrics and approaches for measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of the new process.

Financial Services Firm

A leading financial institution committed itself to improving the way the organization’s managers conducted performance reviews. Previous attempts at training, e-learning, and other efforts had not produced changes in behavior. Ninety of the most senior managers were identified as the primary audience to set an example for the rest of the organization.

Cambria deployed a team of coaches with performance management expertise and each coach worked one-on-one with a set of 10 managers from within a business unit, following a clearly defined process. Within five weeks, Cambria had coached 90 senior managers and reached 1,000 employees.

Performance feedback quality improved, individual accountability increased, and the organization gained a measurable impact on employee performance, development, and commitment.

Professional Services Firm

A global services firm with unique requirements wanted to automate its biannual performance management process. At this point, the firm was using complex forms and reports that incorporated custom questions based on business, function, managerial status, tenure, and other factors.

Cambria redesigned the firm’s process as an ongoing review of individual performance against goals and periodic discussions between managers and direct reports. Cambria’s Excelerated™ software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform accommodated all of the firm’s requirements regarding process and functionality. A talent portal provided a single location where data could be consolidated and tracked, significantly reducing the time and effort needed from HR staff. Using the portal, along with system-generated reminders, employees could track unresolved activities that helped them receive and give timely feedback.

The portal was subsequently expanded to include an online “My Documents” folder with performance management reviews, 360-degree reviews, and personal goals information so that employees and their managers could easily access essential information for the most effective performance discussions.