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Performance Management

Turn performance management into employee empowerment.

About Performance Management

Performance management should be about enabling performance. Instead of focusing on the review form or the ratings, organizations do best when they spend more time helping managers set clear expectations, check in to see how their people are doing, offer guidance and suggestions, prevent people from failing, and ensure that development needs are addressed as they arise. Unfortunately, most performance management systems don’t do this.

Cambria’s Approach

Cambria helps companies reinvent performance management by emphasizing the value of year-round attention and conversation over a once–a-year event. Our process and technology expertise helps to ensure your performance management process does the right things in the right way, and it equips managers to engage in more productive conversations about performance and development focused more on the future than the past.

Our Results

Cambria helps organizations make performance management more than a once-a-year exercise, encouraging employees to take charge of their development with the full support of their managers. For organizations that need more flexibility than their current performance management process offers them, Cambria’s Excelerated™ talent development platform offers talent management and development solutions customized to your special requirements.