TalentApp® Online Talent Applications

Cambria’s client-tailored online talent applications are flexible, engaging, and simple to use. Instead of force-fitting a prebuilt solution that’s not quite right, Cambria pairs cutting-edge technology with deep expertise in talent management and assessment to ensure that the best possible talent systems are matched to your business needs. Our team of consultants and developers speak both “HR” and “IT,” so you can focus on articulating your business requirements while we take care of translating those needs into an effective online solution.

Our cloud-based TalentApp® platform offers the benefits of both off-the-shelf software-as-a-service (SaaS) and custom software development. It consists of independent but truly integrated modules that can be rapidly tailored to your organization’s unique talent objectives and practices. For many organizations, TalentApp® offers the ideal approach to automating key talent processes, including development planning and resource management, new employee onboarding, talent review and succession planning, and performance management.