Senior Associate

Virginia McLaughlin

During her two decades as an executive coach, Virginia has worked with hundreds of senior executives from around the world to assess their talents and support them as they faced mission-critical challenges. She has been particularly effective working with senior executives and managers who are balancing complex, often global roles; leaders who are transitioning into new, broader positions; and heads of teams that are facing difficult challenges. As a past assessor for the International Association of Facilitators, Virginia is frequently called on to help leaders plan for and facilitate crucial problem-solving, team development, and strategic-planning sessions. Her clients have included McDonald’s, Accenture, W.W. Grainger, Baxter, Time Warner, Sara Lee, Avon, KPMG, Mercer, Novartis, and Bank of America. In addition to her many years in private practice, Virginia has been a partner with the global consulting firm Oliver Wyman.

Virginia holds a MA in human services from DePaul University, a BA in French and English from Indiana University. and is certified in a wide range of psychological instruments.