Senior Associate

Wayne Caskey

Wayne’s experience as a three-time CEO and C-Level at two Fortune 500 companies (Chief Administrative Officer at one and Group Operating VP at the other) brings a unique background to his coaching work with CEOs and C-Level executives – he’s been in their shoes. Altogether, since he started executive coaching in 2000, Wayne has coached fifteen CEOs, five COOs, three CFOs, two CMOs, and one CIO and CTO, as well as seven C-level leaders in government and not-for-profits.

Wayne’s leadership experience informs the questions he asks. One of his CEO clients says “Most coaches are not former CEOs and don’t have the background to provide the insight you can. You have an incredible ability to ‘tune in’ to the specific needs of your client. If there’s an issue lurking beneath the surface, you’ll uncover it and probe in depth.” Wayne is known for his heartfelt support of his clients’ goals, respect for their values, and dedication to their growth.

In addition to his own corporate leadership experience, Wayne’s coaching spans many industries and geographies, having coached nationals, natives or residents of 32 countries in 25 major organizations on five continents in ten global organizations. He has been the Board Chair of seven government and not-for-profit organizations. Wayne has a BA in economics from Harvard College and a JD from Yale Law School.