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Cambria is a 40-year innovator of solutions that accelerate executive development, build leadership excellence, and drive strategy execution.

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Preparing Today’s Talent for Tomorrow’s Challenges

Organizations are constantly evolving. From shifting internal priorities to rapidly changing market conditions, agility and resilience have never been more essential to enterprise success.

These forces are challenging senior leaders to adapt. They’re pushing high-potential candidates into senior roles more quickly than they may be fully prepared for. This complex environment and its impact on executive leadership underscores a pressing need for organizations to ensure their leaders and the teams they lead are ready for what lies ahead.

We help you make the most of your greatest asset — your people. Our strategic data-driven approach to developing executive talent provides the clarity and direction needed to address complex challenges and prepare your organization for the future.


We believe leadership and executive development is most effective when clearly linked to team and organizational goals and strategy. Our processes and practices are designed to increase communication, align goals and address roadblocks to effective leadership.


We believe one-size-fits-all approaches to talent development and management are ineffective. We create your coaching, assessment and development solutions based on your priorities, culture and competitive environment to ensure success.

Deep Expertise

With 40 years of experience helping enterprises generate tangible results, we leverage a unique breadth of expertise, delivering on proven strategies with a track record of continuous success.

What We Do

Executive Coaching

We’ve spent decades helping organizations tether coaching to strategy. By understanding your organization’s goals and the role that individuals play in achieving them, we develop tailored coaching programs that directly support your key priorities. Be it current executives, succession candidates or high-potential leaders, our solutions are designed to help your people generate outcomes with a measurable business impact. From developmental coaching to onboarding and transitional support, and from team development to coaching strategic planning, we support you with a comprehensive, yet flexible suite of coaching services.

Talent Development
& Management

We built our proprietary Excelerated® development platform to help you implement, scale and streamline your professional development programs. With an integrated suite of online coaching, development and assessment tools and resources, you can provide clarity and support for both current and emerging leaders. Manage all aspects of the development process in one easy-to-access platform:

  • Clarify Role Requirements
  • Assess Capabilities
  • Create Development Plans
  • Provide Coaching and Mentoring Support
  • Provide Accountability through Dashboards, Alerts and Reports

As a highly configurable solution, Excelerated can be customized to meet your requirements without the need for programming, maintenance or upgrades. Our consultants work with you to tailor the platform to your unique development needs.

Talent Assessment Tools

Excelerated® provides a suite of quantitative and qualitative off-the-shelf 360 assessments, and an Enterprise 360 that supports a fully customized 360 experience with your organization’s assessment items, branding and feedback report.

360 assessments are available standalone or integrated with our coaching and development features. Either way, you’re well-equipped with a suite of tools to help you build a culture of positive change and continuous improvement.

Talent Assessment Tools
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Who We Serve

At Cambria, our decades of experience have taught us that development can’t stop once you reach the top. Continuous learning is fundamental to superior performance, which is why we work alongside leading organizations to build resilient teams from top to bottom.

& Boardrooms

We help your leadership team become more agile in addressing critical events such as strategy shifts and acquisitions through practices designed to highlight and address individual and team roadblocks.

HR Leaders

We help you implement development initiatives that are clearly connected to your other HR processes and organizational strategy to ensure effectiveness and demonstrate ROI.

Executive Coaches

We help you enhance program and engagement effectiveness while delivering an outstanding client experience with our Excelerated® Coaching and Assessment software.

Cambria has a 40-year legacy of providing talent solutions to the world’s top organizations, including:

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Our Success is Yours

We partner with our clients to drive strong results. Here are some of the ways we have helped:

Executive Coaching

With global expansion on the horizon, a Fortune 100 manufacturing company needed senior leaders to embrace a significant change to the way they received and delivered feedback.

Cambria coached the CEO and his senior team to assess their strengths and development areas and set an example from the top down.

After two years of coaching, the company’s cultural shift empowered the entire organization to operate at a global level.

Excelerated Executive Development Success

Excelerated Executive Development

A global bank wanted to deploy an assessment and succession management application to its top executives.

Cambria developed a custom solution that integrated data from various performance sources, eliminating configuration issues. We designed a talent review form with read-only and editable data from different sources, alongside customized management assessments.

The new review system not only leveraged employee profiles, but also introduced a promotion process for the firm’s most senior employees.

Transition Coaching Success

Transition Coaching

A multinational finance firm faced difficulties finding a CIO who could navigate both business and technology.

After two unsuccessful transitions, the firm sought coaching for the new CIO, who not only faced a difficult role, but was also adapting to a new corporate culture.

Cambria coached them through the six-month onboarding process. Ultimately, the new hire completed a seamless transition and was prepared to make an immediate business impact.

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