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How We Approach 360 Assessment

For the past 40 years, Cambria has studied thousands of exceptional leaders in companies of every size, industry and regional footprint. From biotech and pharmaceuticals to nonprofits and the public sector, we’ve researched and observed the factors that differentiate high-performing talent in the most challenging and complex environments.

This empirical research forms the basis for our competency-based approach to 360 assessment. Whether they’re succession candidates, high-potential employees, current executives or transitioning leaders, our assessments offer participants an opportunity to identify and strengthen the capabilities most closely aligned with key business goals and strategic priorities.

Our 360 Instruments

We provide a suite of off-the-shelf 360 instruments for leaders, managers and those moving into leadership positions. Our assessments are available on-demand for use in individual coaching engagements and for group administration in leadership or team development initiatives.

How We Approach 360 Assessment

Leadership Inventory™ 360

Leadership Inventory™ 360 is an assessment for senior management and executive roles. It evaluates the essential skills of those leading organizations or work units with multiple layers of management. 

This instrument is based on a study for the Corporate Executive Board evaluating the competencies used by more than 80 leading global companies, competency-based interviews with over 1,000 senior managers and executives in Fortune 500 companies and work with CEOs and boards on leader succession and high-potential development.

It evaluates 14 competencies in three categories: Strategic Leadership, People Leadership and Personal Leadership. Administered online and on-demand, this review focuses on behaviors that can be targeted through coaching and development programs.

The report includes the following items:

  • Business Challenges
  • Summary Profile
  • Written Comments
  • Competencies by Importance
  • Highest- and Lowest-rated Competencies
  • Individual Behavior Results
  • Action Plan

Management Inventory™ 360

Management Inventory™ 360 is designed for supervisors, team leaders and managers. As an easy-to-use online instrument, it measures 18 competencies in four categories: Delivering Results, Dealing with Change, Leading People and Teams, and Influencing Others.

It assesses the critical skills and behaviors required to successfully manage organizational units and teams. This tool is a multi-rater assessment that applies to a wide set of managerial situations in any business or function. Its content is easily understandable and reflects what the best performers do to achieve results.

Items included in this report:

  • Business Challenges
  • Summary Profile
  • Written Comments
  • Competencies by Importance
  • Highest- and Lowest-rated Competencies and Behaviors
  • Action Plan

Leadership Agility® 360

Leadership Agility® 360, developed in partnership with ChangeWise, evaluates the “master competency” needed to make wise decisions and take effective action amid complex and rapidly changing conditions. Born out of the groundbreaking research by Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs, this assessment is designed for executives, senior managers and high-potential managers working with a coach on their professional development.

This instrument provides feedback on a manager’s agility in three contexts that are central to leadership effectiveness: leading organizational change, improving team performance and engaging in pivotal conversations. Reports indicate each participant’s current agility level and offer a personalized, descriptive road map of the next steps in their leadership development.

Items included in Leadership Agility reports:

  • Overall Agility by Action Arena
  • Written Feedback
  • 24 Leadership Agility Practices
  • Most and Least Agile Practices

Federal ECQ Inventory 360

The Federal Executive Core Qualifications Inventory 360 is a variation of our Leadership Inventory specifically tailored to federal government employees in or aspiring to the Senior Executive Service (SES).

It assesses essential skills and behaviors aligned with the executive core qualifications (ECQs) identified by the Office of Personnel Management. It measures 18 competencies grouped into six categories that span the dimensions of leadership essential for superior performance in a wide variety of leadership roles.

The report includes:

  • Business Challenges
  • Summary Profile
  • Written Comments
  • Competencies by Importance
  • Highest- and Lowest-rated Competencies and Behaviors
  • Action Plan

Qualitative 360

Cambria’s Qualitative 360 is a unique assessment design focused on qualitative feedback within a simple competency framework. It can be used to supplement or replace 360 interviews for assessment or coaching, or as a replacement for a full behavioral 360 when a shorter, simpler tool to gather concrete examples of behavior to assist in development planning is called for.

The 360 uses a simple competency-level framework without behavioral indicators, and can be used with Cambria’s Leadership, Management or Federal ECQ competencies, or you can provide your own set of competencies or capabilities, which can be configured in minutes.

Qualitative 360 reports include:

  • Leadership Challenges & Aspirations
  • Top Strengths & Development Areas
  • Verbatim Feedback on Strengths & Development Areas
  • Development Suggestions

Looking for Custom 360 Feedback?

Cambria also offers organizations the option to create their own behavioral assessments on our Excelerated® Enterprise 360 platform. This solution provides the ability to implement 360 feedback company-wide, on-demand, at multiple levels and in almost any language.

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