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Amplifying Talent With 360 Feedback

Quality feedback is an essential component in developing leadership capabilities in your organization. With a 360 feedback process integrated into your leadership development programs, you can ensure employees have the data they need to develop their leadership capabilities so they are ready to overcome their unique challenges, embrace change and have a positive impact on their organization.

For your 360 program to be effective, your leaders need upfront preparation, effective communication, report debriefing and follow-through tailored to their specific development needs. Moreover, you need a flexible partner that can provide all these services alongside a comprehensive 360 feedback tool.

Amplifying Talent With 360 Feedback
Enterprise 360

Enterprise 360

Excelerated Enterprise 360 is a scalable, cloud-based 360 feedback platform that streamlines the entire assessment process for raters and recipients. 

As a highly flexible solution, our professional services team can configure the platform to your exact needs and requirements. Whether you have an existing competency model or not, we work alongside you to deliver a custom 360 review program that works for your organization. 

Excelerated provides a fully branded portal, tailored assessment process and feedback reports that take your employees from review to action. We will collaborate with you on communications, rollout and feedback delivery to ensure your program is a success.

Key Features & Capabilities

Client Branding & Customization

We provide a custom URL and brand the site to match your corporate standards, including your logo and color scheme. Tailor all aspects of the portal — including rater categories, assessments, emails and supporting materials — according to your needs.


Our team can build feedback reports to your specifications from standard templates and supplement them with custom designs where required. Alternatively, we can provide one of our own best-in-class 360 reports.

Aggregate Reporting

Real-time aggregate reports and graphics provide valuable insight into your strengths and development areas. Use our ad-hoc reporting tool to instantly run reports, visualize data and export it for further analysis.

Comparative Rating

Raters who are asked to complete multiple assessments can do so in one pass rather than one at a time. This feature, unique to Excelerated, not only
has the advantage of being more efficient, but it also enhances data quality and reduces rater bias.

Assessment Design

Use your competencies and behaviors with our intuitive standard assessment formats, or build a custom assessment. Standard features include behavior ratings, competency importance ratings, business challenges and comments.


Cambria hosts and maintains all data on our own secure servers, ensuring confidentiality and removing the security burden from your IT department.

360 Assessment Instruments

Within Excelerated Enterprise 360, we can build new, personalized assessments from scratch to meet your needs, or you can administer one of our proprietary assessments. In addition to traditional 360 assessments that rate behaviors, we can provide:

  • Qualitative 360: We’ve developed a format that allows us to quickly identify key competencies and focus on gathering qualitative data. This results in richer feedback with specific examples while also reducing assessment length.
  • Follow-up 360: After an initial 360 review, a brief one-page assessment is sent to feedback providers who requested feedback on behavior changes they noticed, with specific examples.
  • Pulse 360: After setting development goals, a one-page assessment is sent to key stakeholders every one or two months to gather feedback on observed progress toward these objectives.

Turnkey Feedback Solutions

Cambria provides a suite of off-the-shelf 360 feedback instruments for leaders, managers and those moving into leadership roles — available on-demand for individual, group and team development initiatives.

Leadership Inventory™ 360

Leadership Inventory™ 360

This 360 assessment is for mid- to senior-level managers who spearhead organizations or work units with multiple layers of management. Its purpose is to identify behaviors that can be targeted through coaching and employee development programs by evaluating 56 behaviors in four categories: Strategy, Execution, Teams and Talent, and Influence.

The clear, transparent nature of the observable behaviors assessed — complemented by narrative feedback that supports the numerical ratings — makes the results readily interpretable and actionable by recipients. It requires neither special certification to administer nor complex explanations to debrief.

Management Inventory™ 360

Management Inventory™ 360 is intended for supervisors and first- to mid-level managers with direct reports or team management responsibility.

It measures essential skills across 18 dimensions in four categories: Deliver Results, Dealing With Change, Leading People and Teams, and Influencing Others. This 360 tool emphasizes the most important competencies applicable to a range of managerial situations and requirements.

Management Inventory™ 360
Federal Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) 360

Federal Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) 360

The Federal ECQ 360 is for Federal Government employees in or aspiring to the Senior Executive Service (SES). It measures 18 competencies aligned with the ECQ grouped into six categories that span the dimensions of leadership essential for superior performance in a wide variety of government roles.

Leadership Agility® 360

Leadership Agility® 360 is specific to executives, senior managers and high-potential middle managers working with a coach on their leadership development. Its purpose is to assess the new mindsets and skill sets required of leaders to make decisions and take effective action in today’s complex business environment.

This instrument measures a leader’s progress through a series of predictable, learnable “agility stages” that are central to leadership effectiveness: leading organizational change, improving team performance and engaging in pivotal conversations.

Leadership Agility® 360
Qualitative 360

Qualitative 360

A unique assessment design focused on qualitative feedback within a simple competency framework. This 360 review can supplement or replace 360 interviews for assessment or coaching, or replace a full behavioral 360 when a shorter, simpler tool to gather concrete examples of behavior to assist in development planning is called for.

Customize the tool in minutes to your organization’s competencies, capabilities or success factors, or use our standard set of leadership or managerial competencies.

Our 360 Degree Feedback Process

An effective 360 review isn’t merely a feedback report, nor is it as simple as a technology solution. A successful 360 rollout is a change management process — the goal of which is to create sustainable, long-lasting behavioral improvements. It begins with understanding organizational strategy, short- and long-term business goals and the role that every team member plays in achieving them.

Cambria is committed to supporting you through whatever ways we can best fulfill your needs. We can provide you the ideal software solution, or we can work alongside you to design, customize and deploy the entire 360 feedback process from start to finish.

1. Program Design

360 degree feedback programs depend on clarity and purpose. Goals and outcomes must be clearly defined and communicated to every stakeholder, including the participant, manager and feedback provider. Business leaders need to decide how to distribute employee feedback, track progress and hold participants accountable for sustaining their transformation.

Cambria can help you, as needed, to answer these questions and start your 360 review process on the right track. We offer assistance with:

  • Design Review: Our team walks you through the program design and review process steps and materials to ensure an effective and consistent experience for everyone involved..
  • Orientation Design: We plan the orientation process to ensure participants understand expectations and the value they’ll receive and can communicate effectively with the feedback provider.
  • Debrief Design: We can design the feedback debrief process, whether that be group sessions, or individual debriefs with a coach or manager. We can develop materials to support 360 report review and identify development areas. We also provide train-the-trainer coaching for HR and managers responsible for running individual or group debrief sessions.

2. Assessment Design

More than just a performance review, assessments communicate your organization’s values and the essential skills required of a particular role. They need to clearly communicate what is important, what excellence looks like and provide objective observable measures that a feedback provider can assess.

If you have existing 360 assessments, we can implement them as-is. If not, we offer the following services to help design and implement a custom feedback tool:

  • Content Review: We’ll evaluate your existing competency model and assessment questions to ensure they’re appropriate for your 360 assessment.
  • Competency Development: Our team helps you identify the critical competencies and behaviors necessary for exceptional employee performance in the roles targeted by your 360 feedback process.

3. Administration

Administering a 360 feedback process can be complex. It involves managing changes in participation, feedback providers, ensuring participation, and answering questions about the process and how it connects to employees’ daily work. We simplify this by providing clear, easy-to-use technology, and backing it up with fast, expert support services so you can focus on your organization’s development goals, not the administrative process.

Our 360 assessments are available online through a self-service solution managed by your HR team. Register participants, automate reminders, track progress and generate reports from a single 360 review portal.

  • 360 Review Process Management: Alternatively, we can manage the entire 360 degree feedback process on your behalf. That includes registering and managing participants, tracking completion, and deciding when to end the process and generate reports.
  • Aggregate Reporting: Excelerated® 360 includes an online reporting portal where you can access aggregate data on your 360 feedback in table and chart format. It provides breakouts by competency, behavior, feedback provider categories, and cohorts.
  • Analysis: Our consultants can also assist you in analyzing data and turning it into actionable insight to inform other talent management processes.

4. Delivery

It’s important that participants are receptive to direct feedback so that they can use it to positively impact their development. We assist this process through the following:

  • Debrief Workshops: We work with your team to design the structure and content of group debrief sessions. Our team can also deliver these sessions or transfer this capability to your organization.
  • Debrief Coaching: Whether one-on-one or as part of a group, our internal coaching curriculum helps you develop debrief coaching capabilities within your HR team and organization.

5. Ongoing Development

A 360 review is just one piece of a continuous feedback process. But, it only works if the organization holds participants accountable for development and, in return, supports them with the necessary resources.

  • Development Plans: If you don’t have tools for development planning, our Excelerated software offers an easy-to-use solution that includes goals, activities and collaboration features.
  • Resource Guides: Allow us to review your training resources, identify the most relevant feedback process and supplement it with additional materials links to the competencies, skills and knowledge required in your targeted roles.
  • Coaching: Cambria offers a range of executive coaching services to help leaders excel in their roles, transition to new assignments and achieve long-term success, both as an individual and team member.

360 Success Stories

A well-designed 360 feedback process is critical to any successful talent development program. Our solutions have helped clients in many industries integrate continuous feedback into their initiatives. Here’s an example of how Cambria’s 360 feedback services helped a client succeed:

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Media Company

A national broadcasting and print media company wanted to enhance the leadership capabilities of high-potential individuals through focused development.

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Merger of Two Companies

A construction company with revenues of $3 billion was in the process of acquiring a privately held business in the same industry. Besides wanting to…

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Custom Assessment for Federal Employees

Cambria created the Federal Executive Leadership Inventory (FELI) in collaboration with the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. It measures…

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Diversified Manufacturing Company

Cambria developed and implemented a suite of 360-degree feedback instruments for individual contributors, supervisors, leaders, and program managers across all the countries in which the…

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