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Cambria works with many of the world’s top companies — providing many of them with a range of services over the years.

Regardless of industry sector or global location, our clients have one thing in common: the desire for strong talent solutions that integrate seamlessly with their organization’s strategy and help drive strong business results.

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We expect expertise in talent management, quality of services, responsiveness, thought leadership and insight, and value for dollars spent. Cambria exceeds our expectations.


Cambria is unique because they ask great questions, always focus on the right things to do (not the expedient) and help us on the front end to think through our challenges. They are our partners.


Cambria’s responsiveness is great. The quality and professionalism of their people is better than their competitors. Cambria’s strength is understanding our needs and asking the right questions. They are willing to customize services to meet our requirements. We have a lovely partnership with Cambria.