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Streamline Executive Succession

Executive development can accelerate organizational success. However, even for the most senior leader, driving these kinds of results requires deep insight, focus and perseverance from the individual, as well as support from the stakeholders around them.

With a focus on strengthening leadership effectiveness by tailoring our flexible coaching program to an organization’s key business priorities, Cambria leverages decades of coaching experience supporting transformations that generate results for the C-Suite, its successors, and those leaders seen as high potentials within the organization. We partner with our clients to optimize the coaching process and develop a pipeline of talent ready to lead well into the future.

Streamline Executive Succession

The Power
of Executive Coaching

At Cambria, we believe executive coaching is best leveraged when it supports the organization’s broader talent strategy and business goals. In executing this philosophy, Cambria works to understand your short- and long-term organizational objectives in addition to how they’re strategically achieved at an individual, team and enterprise level. This approach is supported by a cadre of expert executive coaches chosen specifically to meet your unique needs with a custom plan of action. By connecting coaching, goals, strategy and performance, we empower you to make the most of your talent and drive a significant and measurable business impact — both individually and collectively.

Our coaching services enable clients to seize potential and take leadership development to the next level. Whether it be individual or team coaching, a senior executive or a talented team member, we help you unleash benefits that impact the entire organization:

Accelerate Transformation

Strengthen leadership and equip your team with the tools they need to drive results and lead by example.

Great Teams

Develop a pipeline of flexible, resilient talent ready to take on the challenge of a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Top Talent

Reduce turnover and empower every leader to excel with clarity and confidence.

Become A

Own your role, enhance strategic thinking and steer your organization in the right direction.


Bring new and transitioning leaders up to speed faster and empower them to make a positive impact as quickly as possible.

Embrace Continuous

Foster a culture of professional development that champions learning from the top down.

Our Coaching

CEO & C-Suite Coaching

CEOs and C-Suite leaders are asked to deliver enterprise results within systems that are often complex and rapidly changing. These leaders must lean into the challenges they encounter to operate effectively and even stretch themselves to achieve greater organizational impact.

Cambria’s CEO and C-Suite coaching focuses on developing those who have the most far-reaching impact on the organization to maximize individual and enterprise results. This one-to-one relationship, based on deep trust, respect and confidence, is focused on ensuring the leader brings their highest capability to the opportunities and challenges at hand.

CEO & C-Suite Coaching
Transition &
Onboarding Coaching

Transition &
Onboarding Coaching

The earliest days for a new leader are an essential window of opportunity. For leaders new to the organization, or simply for leaders new to the role, the ability to quickly and effectively navigate this transition is critical for strong organizational results.

Cambria’s customized transition and onboarding coaching support provides transitioning leaders with a trusted partner who can help them navigate both the interpersonal and business-relevant dynamics that impact, and are impacted by, their new role. Whether it’s understanding what success looks like in the role or more deeply understanding what adaptations a leader must make to be effective in a new context, Cambria is a critical support resource for ensuring transition success and organizational results.

Team Coaching

Effective teams are built on collaboration, communication and constant focus. Cambria’s team coaching enhances these capabilities by helping teams set and align goals, focus on priorities, clarify roles and work cohesively with one another. When developed collectively, each team member gains the opportunity to become more effective as part of the team. This, in turn, drives performance throughout the organization.

Team Coaching
Coaching Strategy

Coaching Strategy

When an organization leverages coaching as a business strategy, its greatest returns result from differentiated purpose, clear processes and diligent operations. Drawing on lessons learned from decades of in-depth work with leading global organizations, Cambria supports internal coaching and talent leaders in designing and optimizing their coaching processes to achieve the highest results. In turn, Cambria enables them to amplify coaching ROI through strategic, sustainable practices that maximize long-term value.

Access Our
World-Class Coaching

Cambria’s network of over 200 executive coaches offers a unique breadth of experience to support the challenges and complexities executives face. Some of our Cambria coaches draw on their own experience as CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs and board members. Others leverage their depth of knowledge having worked with these leaders. And, in some cases, our coaches draw on both experiences. Combined, our coaching network brings the business acumen to understand the leader’s world, while also providing the coaching expertise required for continuous growth and development.

  • Average 10+ years experience coaching enterprise-level executives
  • Over 75% with C-Suite experience
  • Over 80% hold advanced degrees in business, law and behavioral sciences
  • Over 90% have formal, accredited coaching training.
  • All vetted by a rigorous testing process

Executive Coaching
Success Stories

Coaching partnership is paramount to the Cambria coach experience, and to that end, our work is most rewarding when our clients meet – and exceed – their ambitions. Here’s an example of how Cambria’s executive coaching helped a client succeed:

Financial Services Featured Image

Financial Services

A well-regarded financial services organization engaged Cambria to work with its executive team to assist in transitioning a new CEO into her role, ensuring that…

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Public Works Contractor Featured Image

Public Works Contractor

A California-based CEO was concerned about the lack of professional experience on the board and the resulting indifference of the board to her initiatives to…

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Chemical Manufacturer Featured Image

Chemical Manufacturer

A global chemical company engaged Cambria to coach the CEO and several other senior executives to role-model the company’s commitment to development through a top-down…

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Federal Agency Featured Image

Federal Agency

A large US government agency with thousands of employees and locations distributed across the country was one of the first federal agencies that saw the…

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Global Manufacturing Company Featured Image

Global Manufacturing Company

A Fortune 100 industrial equipment manufacturer was about to go into global expansion mode, which meant that its senior leaders needed to do things differently…

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Media Company Featured Image

Media Company

A national broadcasting and print media company wanted to enhance the leadership capabilities of high-potential individuals through focused development.

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Executive coaching is a partnership between a leader and their coach designed to help current and emerging leaders optimize their impact and improve performance as individuals and team members so that their organizations, customers and other stakeholders benefit.

Cambria’s coaching is rooted in mutual trust, respect and a shared commitment to the leader’s success. Over the course of a coaching engagement, the leader will:

  • Select a coach they find best suited to their style and needs..
  • Review coach feedback from 360 conversation data and/or leader assessments to set a development plan and timeline in place to reach the leader’s goals.
  • Meet with the coach regularly to discuss development success, identify and work through obstacles, and uncover the strengths and challenges to achieving developmental goals.
  • Build the self-management and development capabilities to continue growth beyond coaching.
  • Achieve a close-out when development exceeds goals and coaching support is no longer necessary for this point of the leader’s work.

At the start of each coaching engagement and along the way, the leader and the coach will set growth indicators and continue to monitor progress. 

Three to six and 12 months after a coaching engagement, periodic check-ins on progress and leadership effectiveness will help the business leader and organization understand how coaching is serving their development goal. 

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