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Connecting internal executive coaching and external coaching resources to business outcomes, HR strategies, and talent management processes helps ensure a high return on investment. However, organizations often face a spectrum of challenges: fielding and qualifying coaching requests, overseeing external and internal coaching delivery, tracking progress, and evaluating outcomes and impact.

Why is it

Cambria helps organizations establish, redefine, and better leverage external and internal coaching. Drawing on decades of hands-on experience in enterprise coaching strategy implementation, we work with clients to clarify their business objectives, articulate a strategy, structure the practice, determine management and oversight methods, identify target audiences, build visibility and credibility, identify and qualify coaches, and create a road map for action.

The approach
we take

Cambria helps organizations optimize the return on their investment in coaching through alignment with strategic priorities, targeted offerings, efficient processes tailored to business needs, driving understanding and adoption across the enterprise, and establishing sustainable practices that maximize long-term value. We also enable our clients to extend the benefits of coaching to a larger population — and foster a coaching culture — by integrating it into leadership programs, developing cadres of internal coaches, and teaching managers how to coach their employees.

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With the worldwide popularity of executive coaching, its application has expanded from an initial focus on individual performance to a variety of leadership development initiatives.

Broader use of coaching includes supporting leadership team effectiveness, incorporating coaching into action learning programs, supporting organizational transformation, and coordinated development of successor candidates, among others. Too often though, coaching is just one more ingredient in the talent development mix rather than a component of a holistic talent development strategy. This is true even for organizations that are actively managing large-scale coaching programs rather than those supplying coaches to executives on an as-needed basis.

How Cambria Helps

Though Cambria provides coaches to fulfill requests for specific assignments, we help our clients step back and look at their external and internal coaching programs from an enterprise perspective through these approaches:

Taking a Systems Perspective

As consultants with expertise in all facets of HR, we take a systems perspective to every engagement, including requests for executive coaching support. Cambria can help you think about the best use of coaching as one of the many talent development approaches to ensure you have the right leaders with the right capabilities to tackle the challenges of the future.

Aligning Coaching Activities at The Enterprise Level

In situations where different parts of the organization are implementing executive coaching separately, Cambria helps clients achieve the benefits of an integrated approach.

This may include linking coaching to critical enterprise business issues, implementing targeted varieties of coaching based on need, and incorporating coaching into company-wide management development programs.

Taking a Systems Perspective
Creating Implementation Plans

Creating Implementation Plans

Cambria can facilitate working sessions with executive sponsors to produce detailed plans for executive coaching programs to improve the leadership skills of managers and executives, as well as the necessary communication messages for implementing these initiatives.

Improving Effectiveness and Reducing Cost

We examine areas where coaching is employed outside of clients’ overall talent strategy and recommend ways to coordinate and centralize the management of coaching program delivery.

As a result, clients have greater control of coaching spend and can more effectively assess the benefits and trade-offs of different program designs.

Enterprise Coaching
Success Stories

Discover the power of Enterprise Coaching Strategy through real success stories. Learn how Cambria has helped businesses thrive and elevate performance with our expert guidance.

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