Transition & Onboarding Coaching

Streamline speed-to-impact for newly hired leaders
and transitioning employees.

Support New Leaders With the Tools They Need to Succeed

The first six to 10 months on the job are crucial for any new employee, let alone senior leaders and executives. Whether they’ve been promoted into a new role or have arrived from outside the organization, these leaders face a swarm of daunting challenges.

Transitional Challenge

Organizations are well aware how important it is to facilitate seamless transitions, but many struggle to do so effectively. Newly hired executives are entering an unfamiliar company culture. Internal candidates are being thrown into leadership positions, often well before they’re ready for the new role. In either case, key stakeholders expect results, and they expect them quickly.

How We Help

Building on our extensive experience providing support to senior executives in such transitions, Cambria has developed an approach that empowers executives to deliver better results faster, avoid missteps in the onboarding process, address professional blind spots and significantly improve their chances of success.

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Our Approach to Onboarding & Transition Coaching

Cambria takes a holistic view of transitioning leaders to help them succeed over the long term — not just the immediate future.

We work with our leaders to help them more fully and clearly understand the organization’s overarching strategy and how it intertwines with their roles. We help leaders clarify what success looks like in their role and how best to achieve that success while building strong stakeholder relationships. And finally, we support leaders in identifying how they can best bring their unique contribution to the role to ensure not only personal success, but organizational impact, as well.

Accelerate Effectiveness From Day One

With a well-planned executive coaching and onboarding program, newly hired leaders executives can expedite their journey and accelerate speed-to-impact. Here’s how Cambria can help ease the transition and optimize onboarding from the very beginning:

Expert Coaching

Whether transitioning succession candidates or supporting a new executive’s assimilation into the organization, our global network of highly seasoned coaches ensures your executives receive personalized experience.

Benchmarked Against Best Practice

We’ve spent the past 40 years analyzing and optimizing HR onboarding practices (including our own). We leverage this experience to your advantage to review your HR processes, test them against best practices and devise a new approach for corresponding activities.

Proprietary Tools & Processes

Cambria supports your new hire’s growth using a comprehensive suite of leadership development, coaching and assessment tools, including Excelerated® Executive Development. Designed to support each stage of the onboarding process, our solutions feature targeted exercises, forms, templates, planning documents and more. As highly configurable tools, coaches will tailor them as needed to meet your specific needs and transition requirements.

Expert Coaching
Enhanced Employee Retention

Enhanced Employee Retention

The last thing you want is to restart the executive search and succession planning process from scratch. By setting leaders up for success from the very beginning, you can ensure they stay engaged over the long haul. Maintaining this connection is important to retaining your new hire and avoiding another costly and disruptive transition.

Demonstrated Value

Onboarding and transition coaching can generate a great return on investment. Cambria brings a proven track record of success when it comes to integrated talent strategy and development.

Does Coaching Work? Ask Our Clients

Cambria has spent decades researching and understanding the world of executive onboarding. Along the way, we’ve helped countless leaders embrace new expectations and thrive under pressure. Here’s one example of how our onboarding and transitioning coaching services have helped our clients:

Give Your Leaders Their Greatest Opportunity for Success

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