Team Coaching

Helping strong leaders become strong teams
in support of driving organizational results

Addressing Your Key Challenges

Though the usual team-building activities can boost morale and improve working relationships, they don’t address aligning team members with organizational goals and each other, and therefore, don’t demonstrate significant organizational results. Cambria understands that teams are systems within systems — not just a group of individuals.

Teams operate within a wider structure and are dynamic, adaptive organisms with their own characteristics, personalities and responses. As such, Cambria’s team coaching builds awareness and helps team members come to terms with this reality and how they can leverage it for greater collective results going forward.

Cambria’s Approach

For executive teams to be successful, members need to understand and leverage one another’s strengths, styles and contributions toward a common purpose and shared organizational objectives. Team coaching helps people at the top set and align themselves with clear goals, maintain their focus on team priorities, engage in open and productive debate and develop strong working relationships at a higher level.

Cambria works with executive leaders and their teams to shape and sustain ways of being together that promote mutual accountability, continuous learning and growth to achieve the optimal organizational outcomes. Our approach integrates individual development with team learning and support through coaching that focuses on goals and stakeholder impact.

Blended Support

In addition to working in a group setting with the entire team, Cambria’s team effectiveness coaches work one-on-one with team members to facilitate their engagement, integrate their individual goals with those of the team, enhance their commitment and contribution to the team’s success and improve their working relationships with fellow team members.

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