Our Solutions


Cambria provides world class technology solutions as an essential complement to our clients’ comprehensive talent strategies.

About Cambria’s Technology Solutions

Excelerated® is Cambria’s cloud-based technology platform designed to meet the need for customized talent management and development solutions. Excelerated was built from the ground up as an integrated suite of online coaching, development and assessment tools to help organizations implement and scale their professional development initiatives. Its architecture allows Cambria to provide highly-tailored experiences for clients who need more than an out-of-the-box solution and want their processes to do what they need in the way that they want.

Cambria’s Approach

Excelerated has been designed as a set of configurable components that can be combined in a customer portal to meet unique requirements without custom programming or the need for any custom maintenance or upgrades. Our consultants work with you to define your unique development processes, and configure Excelerated to meet them in as little as four weeks, and at a fraction of the cost of custom software.

Our Results

Excelerated delivers high-impact assessment, performance management, talent review, professional development, and coaching management solutions that are available globally 24/7 with the utmost security and reliability. Our customers, including many of the Fortune 100, government agencies, professional services, and nonprofit organizations, find that Excelerated offers the best approach to customized solutions that integrate with their processes and software platforms.

Cambria Technology Services

Custom 360 Feedback

Create your own multi-rater assessments to measure the leadership competencies and behaviors most critical to your organization’s success.

Coaching Management

Provide the structure, support and follow-up to make every coaching engagement a success.

Role Profiling

Identify, organize and communicate the capabilities critical for your employees success in their roles.

Development Planning

Help your leaders excel by identifying development opportunities, and connecting them to the right people, tools and resources to accelerate their professional development.

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