Amy Donahue


Amy oversees all aspects of service and support for our Excelerated® customers. She manages client relationships, sets support standards, and manages our online ticketing system to ensure a high quality of service. She is responsible for onboarding new customers, including configuration, quality assurance and product rollout. Amy leads the product team for Excelerated® Coaching, collaborating with our coaching clients and Cambria’s coaching practice to develop and implement our product roadmap. Amy also leads our user interface and report design projects, setting and reviewing standards, collaborating with design subcontractors, and contributing to all our new product initiatives.


Prior to joining Cambria, she was a senior programmer for iManagProperty where she was a member of their property management software development team, and previously a senior programmer for NextStep Edge technology where she had a lead role in creating and implementing mobile applications for the food service industry.

Education, Professional Activities

Amy has more than 15 years of experience in software development and client support.