Scott Simpson


It doesn’t matter how good the technology is — it needs to be supporting a well-thought-out, high-quality talent management process.

Scott has more than 20 years of experience in designing and implementing talent management solutions for Fortune 500 organizations and government agencies. He leads Cambria’s survey practice, designing and delivering performance management, multi-rater feedback, and organizational survey solutions. Scott combined his dual expertise in technology and assessment to create Cambria’s Excelerated® software platform for managing professional development, including individual development plans, role profiles, coaching management, leadership programs, and 360 assessment and debrief. His team is responsible for creating and maintaining Credit Suisse’s promotion process and the Total Impact performance management platform for another prominent executive search firm.


As consultants with expertise in all facets of HR, we take a systems perspective to every engagement, including requests for corporate coaching support. Cambria can help you think about the best use of coaching as one of the many talent development approaches to ensure you have the right leaders with the right capabilities to tackle the challenges of the future.

Education, Professional Activities

Scott holds a B.Eng. degree from Nottingham University, England, and an ALM in information technology from Harvard University. He has written on issues involving the intersection of technology and HR processes.