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Accelerated Leadership Development

Fast-tracking leaders you need now


Accelerated Leadership Development is designed to address a common issue: Many organizations are challenged today with weighing whether they have the leadership talent they will need for the future. In these times of dramatic change, when leaders at all levels need to be more agile, resilient, adaptable, and positive, identifying and growing people with these attributes has become a universal necessity.

This puts even greater pressure on organizations that need a next generation of leaders ready to take on ever increasing levels of challenge in positions of authority. Even companies known for growing top talent are finding that they can’t develop such leaders fast enough. Investing in executive development programs, developmental job rotations, and executive coaching can all be helpful. First, however you need to be very clear about what your leaders will need to do and the capabilities they will need to do them. Only then can rapid development take place.

Our Approach

Identify Leadership Requirements for the Future

Cambria’s Accelerated Leadership Development process starts by examining the client organization’s business goals, the strategies they believe will get them there, and the challenges their leaders will have to deal with to be successful. We then create an assessment and development framework that includes the most important competencies, personal characteristics, and behaviors that their leaders must demonstrate to achieve the organization’s goals. This framework, which takes the organization’s strategy, structure and culture into account, is tailored to each situation and becomes the starting point for development.

Assess Strengths and Development Needs

Assessing the talent bench against the capabilities framework is the next step. As one of the inventors of competency models, we view assessment as a catalyst for development, not just a way to identify strengths and gaps. Our approach involves a proprietary combination of interviews, 360 feedback, and other measures that show how each person fits the profile and highlights what they will need to learn and do to reach their full potential. By positioning it as a part of each individual’s development, we remove the judgmental aspects normally associated with assessment.

Transition Seamlessly to Development

The transition from assessment to development is fully integrated from the start. Each leader creates a customized individual development plan with the help of his/her manager and executive sponsor, facilitated by an executive coach selected at the start of the engagement. The coach’s role is to support each leader as partner and collaborator, facilitating their growth by providing encouragement and suggestions for experimenting with new behaviors, trying different things, and reporting back on the results.

The Cambria Advantage

Our model for accelerated leader development is built on the foundation of our expertise in competency research and assessment, our world-class network of executive coaches, and our decades of experience with how leaders learn. What’s different is the way we combine all these elements into a seamless, fully integrated process that starts with the client organization’s business needs. Whether developing your next-generation leaders or preparing successor candidates for the C-suite, we have the experience and proven record to give you the leadership advantage.