Our Solutions


Cambria offers comprehensive competency-based assessments for individual contributors, managers, and executives — particular emphasis on development.

What We Do

Cambria started its assessment practice over 30 years ago with empirical research on the factors that differentiate exceptional performers from others in the most challenging, complex, and high-value roles — with particular focus on management and leadership.

What Makes Us Different

Cambria’s competency-based approach to executive assessment employs in-depth behavioral interviewing to evaluate candidates for C-level and other senior roles. Other assessments provide developmental feedback on leadership and management essentials in online 360 and self-assessment options.

Cambria’s Custom Solutions

Cambria also offers organizations the option of creating their own behavioral assessments on our Excelerated® platform, providing the ability to implement 360 feedback enterprisewide, on-demand, at multiple employee levels, and in almost any language.

Cambria Assessment Services

Executive Assessment

Get the full picture of the capabilities, risk factors, and long-term potential of current executives, potential future leaders, and outside candidates for senior roles.

Leadership Inventory™ 360

Assess the fourteen essential competencies of mid-level and senior managers in both line and staff functions with local or global responsibilities.

Management Inventory™ 360

Assess the eighteen essential skills and behavioral requirements of first-level and mid-level managers responsible for organizational units and teams.

Leadership Agility® 360

Assess the capacity of leaders to make wise decisions and take effective action amid complex and rapidly changing conditions.

Global Adaptivity™ Profile

Assess the aptitude and inclinations needed to work successfully in a highly-volatile, global business environment of varied cultures, norms, and business contexts.

Custom 360 Instruments

Create your own multi-rater assessments to measure the leadership competencies and behaviors most critical to your organization’s success.

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