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C-Suite & Boardroom Coaching

Facilitate productive working relationships at the top.

About C-Suite & Boardroom

C-level leaders, CEOs and board members each hold unique roles. Their positions give them enormous influence over the success of the enterprise, and they face challenges that are different from those facing other positions of leadership in the organization. Cambria understands the distinct issues these leaders and teams face, including strategy formulation, succession planning and transitions of leadership, management/board relationships, governance and stewardship, and complex team dynamics.

Cambria’s Approach

Our C-suite and boardroom practice group brings decades of experience in coaching and advising C-level leaders, CEOs, and board members of Fortune 500 companies. Our cross-disciplinary team of seasoned behavioral scientists and C-level coaches, former CEOs, and active board members enables Cambria to craft holistic solutions that blend powerful coaching, rigorous assessment, and experience-based advisory services to deliver far-reaching, sustainable impact and value for the enterprise.

Our Results

Cambria works with CEOs, executive teams, and boards to assess and develop their effectiveness at both the individual and team level, preparing them to address the leadership challenges of the future. Our goal is to help them be more effective in facing the challenges of an increasingly complex, dynamic global business climate.