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Coaching Management

Provide the structure, support and follow-up to maximize the value of coaching

About Excelerated® Coaching

Excelerated® Coaching is Cambria’s cloud-based solution to the problem of knowing what’s happening in multiple coaching engagements from the perspective of participants, coaches, and corporate sponsors. It is one component of our Excelerated® suite of applications that integrate assessment, talent management, and development on a single platform. We use it to manage coaching activities for our own executive coaches and their clients, and we offer it to organizations who need to keep abreast of all coaching activity and its relationship to other talent development initiatives.

How it Works

Excelerated® Coaching allows you to set standards and milestones for each engagement and share information across engagements to ensure everyone is aligned with program goals. It provides collaboration workspaces to ensure that participants, coaches, and administrators are aligned and can share and track critical information about each engagement. It includes a searchable database of approved coaches for any engagement and provides real-time status of everything going on across all your coaching programs with custom reporting, alerts and email notifications.

Benefits and Value

Excelerated® Coaching gives you a comprehensive view of coaching activity and how coaching resources are being deployed. It takes away the hassle of wrestling with spreadsheets to track coaching engagements. It provides a central portal that coaches, participants and administrators can access to easily track and manage coaching. It also helps participants and their managers keep focused on development and follow-through, ensuring the value received from your coaching engagements. In addition, it lets you keep track of the investment in coaching and the return on that investment in dollars and development.

Addressing Your Key Challenges

Coaching for managers and executives is growing in popularity as a powerful accelerator of leadership development. It also represents a significant investment in money and time. Keeping track of all the coaching activity and capturing its value can be complicated and time-consuming – but it need not be. Excelerated® Coaching gives you control of this activity and a line of sight to capturing the value of coaching in your organization.

How Cambria Helps

Excelerated® Coaching makes your coaching initiatives more effective and efficient.

Engagement management

Excelerated Coaching provides a collaboration workspace for each coaching engagement, allowing you to keep all the critical information about the engagement at your fingertips, whenever you need it. Features can be enabled individually to track the exact information you want to record and maintain for your organization.

Coach management

Excelerated Coaching removes time consuming tasks and results in better information. You can organize and standardize information about each of your coaches, create professional branded coach bios, and easily search for any criteria to find the ideal match between participant and coach for each coaching engagement.

Program management

Excelerated Coaching lets you keep your fingers on the pulse of your coaching practice and ensure coach alignment. You can standardize your coaching programs and instantly see where any participant is at any given time. You will save significant amounts of time and keep people better informed with the automation of administrative tasks such as notifications and surveying.

Dashboards & reporting

Excelerated allows you to instantly see the most important information in one place, aggregate information about coaching programs, and drill down to any level of detail. With our reporting tool, you can quickly create your own custom reports that give you access to all your coaching data the way you want it displayed.

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