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Constructive Conversations

Turn potential conflict into positive action.

About Constructive Conversations™

High-performing organizations understand that differences and disagreements are natural, healthy, and inevitable. However, handled poorly, interpersonal conflict can stall progress, negatively affect the work environment, erode employee engagement, and result in sub-optimal decisions — or no decision at all. Constructive Conversations™, designed for employees and managers at all levels, teaches people how to engage in potentially difficult conversations with others in ways that lead to better outcomes for individuals and the organization.

Cambria’s Approach

Constructive Conversations helps people learn how to skillfully engage in conversations with colleagues, peers, direct reports, and managers through differences of opinion and difficult situations. The program is offered in one-day and two-day versions that vary according to the depth of understanding and opportunities for skill practice. Participants are encouraged to bring their own current situations into the classroom, ensuring that they will be able to demonstrate their newly- developed skills back on the job and continue to deepen them over time.

Our Results

Program participants learn important skills to help them work through disagreements, emotionally charged matters, and other difficult issues with managers, peers, direct reports, and others — anyone. The program provides them with the insights, tools, and confidence that enable them to understand and appreciate differences of opinion, frame difficult situations in ways that lead to productive discussion, diffuse and avoid counter productive reactions and responses, and create clear commitments and accountabilities for moving forward.