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Role Profiling

Redefining the job descriptions to clarify what’s most important

About Excelerated® Role Profiler

Cambria’s role profiles are simplified at-a-glance dashboards that connect the most important responsibilities, challenges, and performance measurements to the knowledge, skills, competencies and personal characteristics needed for success. Cambria’s Excelerated® Role Profiler helps you create profiles that replace complicated and poorly structured job descriptions with documents that are far more useful for employees, managers, and hiring teams. These role profiles form the basis of key talent management applications — from recruiting and onboarding to development and succession planning.

How It Works

Hiring managers or selected top-performing incumbents work through the Role Profiler on their own or in sessions facilitated by HR. They start by identifying the strategic issues and challenges that affect the role and the most important responsibilities, activities, and key performance measures in the role. This allows them to define the key knowledge, skills and other competencies clearly connected to successful performance in the role. needed for success. The Role Profiler includes a rich competency database and recommendations and suggestions aided by intelligent search technology to help you quickly build consistent profiles across the organization. (For feature details, see Role Profiler)

Benefits and Value

The Excelerated Role Profiler creates profiles that clarify what’s most significant about a role and what’s needed to perform it most effectively. They are the perfect vehicle for hiring and onboarding new employees and for guiding effective manager-employee performance and development discussions. Additionally, when role profiles are in place for the key roles in your organization, they provide management with criteria for employee development and promotability and give employees a clear view to future career opportunities.

Addressing Your Key Challenges

The success of any organization depends on its ability to keep people focused on the right things and having the skills and other capabilities needed to deliver. This is especially true when an organization shifts its strategic direction – being more efficient, more innovative, or delivering a different value proposition to customers. The challenge is how to connect these shifts to what people need to do differently in their jobs and what new skills and behaviors are required to execute on the strategy shift.

How Cambria Helps

A more complete solution

Competency models tell only half the story. They define the skills, knowledge, and abilities that individuals need to perform the job but don’t indicate how they relate to the performance of specific job activities or drive performance. Cambria’s role profiles connect responsibilities and performance outcomes that describe what the job is with the competencies needed to do it.

A focus on the essentials

Cambria’s Excelerated Role Profiler creates role descriptions focused on the fewest responsibilities that create the most value in a job or role. This helps people prioritize their time and attention on the things that matter most.

Rapidly deployable and updatable

With the Excelerated Role Profiler, newly-defined roles can be designed on-the-fly, referencing other roles with similar attributes. And as strategic priorities shift or change, the Role Profiler allows for rapid updating of responsibilities, activities, and competency requirements accordingly.

Rich competency library

The Excelerated Role Profiler includes competencies developed and validated from over 30+ years of research on contributor, manager and executive roles in a broad array of organizations and industries. They can be filtered by organizational level and job function to simplify the process of selecting the right competencies for the role.

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