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Uncover the strengths, gaps, and risk factors of senior leaders.

About Executive Assessment

Cambria has studied thousands of exceptional leaders in companies of every size, sector, and regional footprint. Our research over several decades has shown us that there is no universal recipe for leadership effectiveness. Cambria’s leadership competency assessments help identify the subtle differences that make an executive a “best fit” for a critical leadership role and explain why an executive may be successful in one environment but not in another.

Cambria’s Approach

Cambria’s Leadership Insight℠ executive assessments provide a comprehensive view of the capabilities, readiness, and potential of internal and external candidates for senior positions.

They feature a combination of elements tailored to each client’s situation and need, ranging from an in-depth Critical Behavior Interview® with the executive, to structured 360-degree interviews with key stakeholders, to a customized battery of psychometric instruments selected to complement the interviews.

Our Results

Our leadership assessments are independent, whole-person evaluations that are highly valued by CEOs and boards concerned with succession, as well as executives focused on their own development.

The Leadership Insight℠ process reveals the capabilities, risk factors, and long-term potential of current and aspiring leaders. It also helps to assess candidate fit for key roles and has played a critical part in successful senior-level hiring decisions and smooth leadership transitions.

Addressing Your Key Challenges

The success of an organization hinges on placing the right people into the most important leadership roles and having a pipeline of talent to fill those roles in the future. One of the most critical challenges for any organization is predicting whether a leader will be effective in a significant new role with greater responsibility and complexity.

A comprehensive leadership effectiveness assessment process plays an important role in predicting success and failure risk. When properly designed and executed, it can counteract errors introduced by subjective judgments based on reputation, limited interactions and secondary observations. It delves beneath qualifications and experience to reveal the critical but hidden factors leading to hiring, promotion, or succession.

How Cambria Helps

Our Experience

Cambria has been at the forefront of leadership research. As pioneers in competency assessment for senior managers, our experience extends to over thirty years of first-hand study of exemplary executives and other senior leaders.

The result of this work is an extensive database of leadership competencies that are the foundation of position-specific requirements for current and emerging leadership needs.

Customized Approach

No two organizations are alike. The same applies to leadership requirements. Our Leadership Insight℠ process takes business strategy, challenges, and organizational culture into account when identifying the key leadership competencies – behaviors, characteristics, and personality – as the basis for assessment.

Proprietary Assessments

When appropriate, Cambria offers the Leadership Agility 360® for internal succession candidates, and the Global Adaptivity® Profile for internal and external candidates who will be expected to lead across geographic regions and cultures. This is just one of the ways that Cambria goes above and beyond the capabilities of other executive assessment firms.

Matchless Depth

Leadership Insight℠ provides a multidimensional view of intellectual, interpersonal, and motivational characteristics that support success, as well as the failure factors that can cause a leader to derail.

The Leadership Insight℠ framework provides unmatched understanding of a leader’s capabilities and potential, and it identifies the differences among leaders who are inadequate, good, and exemplary.

Comprehensive Insight

Cambria’s Leadership Insight℠ provides value to boards concerned with succession as well as to executives who are focused on talent development. Our comprehensive evaluations are delivered in detailed, in-depth reports, written in clear business language, that summarize each executive’s strengths, limitations, areas of concern, and potential.

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