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Global Adaptivity® Profile

Assess leaders’ natural aptitude for working effectively in a global world.

What It Is

The Global Adaptivity® Profile is a self-assessment instrument designed to help people in positions of responsibility navigate global challenges and develop global leadership capacity. Based on Cambria’s Global Adaptivity® framework, it comprises five characteristics — dimensions of aptitude and inclination — that predict the ability to work effectively in a global business environment and across cultures, norms, and business contexts.

How It Works

The Global Adaptivity Profile asks people to consider how they typically see themselves operating in situations at work or other settings. These descriptions are keyed to characteristics that can help or hinder their ability to navigate the complexity inherent in living and working in a global context. Participants receive their reports immediately after completing the assessment in a downloadable PDF, which includes norms, an interpretation guide, and suggestions for developing capacity on each of the five Global Adaptivity characteristics.

Benefits and Value

The Global Adaptivity Profile excels at helping leaders in transition to global assignments identify their strengths and weaknesses, navigate around their blind spots, and develop the capability needed to succeed. It is also highly effective at identifying talent deep in the organization that could be groomed for international assignments along their career paths. And it helps the members of global and cross-cultural teams build mutual understanding and establish a productive team dynamic.