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Global Adaptivity™ Programs

Develop the capacity to navigate cross-cultural challenges.

About Global Adaptivity™

Competence leading in a global context is a must-have in today’s business environment. Leaders are challenged with a host of unique problems and cross-cultural issues in a climate that is more volatile, uncertain, and complex than ever before. Global Adaptivity™ is a suite of offerings designed to assess and develop the capabilities needed to work effectively across borders, span different cultures, economies, politics, and geographies, think systemically across multiple networks, deal with rapid change and layers of complexity, and speak the language of global business.

Cambria’s Approach

Cambria’s Global Adaptivity suite includes two flagship workshops: The Globally Adaptive Leader™ workshop is ideal for organizations preparing leaders for global roles and supporting them through the transition, as well as for building broad-based leader effectiveness in cross-cultural situations. Additionally, The Globally Adaptive Team™workshop is designed for intact global and multi-cultural teams, to build cohesion as they form or to enhance the effectiveness of established teams. It is also available as a highly- engaging 3½-hour facilitated session for up to 20 participants.

Our Results

Participants in each program gain valuable insight into themselves and receive guidance around actions to take to be more effective in interacting with others in a global environment. They will be able to increase their ability to influence and lead across cultures; adapt their leadership styles to become more versatile as leaders; deepen their perspectives on their own cultures in the context of understanding other cultures; develop the skills to expand their global networks; and create a personal roadmap to apply what they learn to their own lives.