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Global Leaders & Teams

Empower leaders and teams to succeed across cultures and borders.

About Global Leaders & Teams

Working across geographic and cultural boundaries brings significant complexity and challenge for leaders and teams. Leaders taking on new international assignments, native country managers interfacing with distant home offices, workgroups collaborating across cultures and borders, and organizations entering new markets experience unique challenges from a leadership and interpersonal dynamics perspective.

Cambria’s Approach

Effectively supporting global leaders and teams requires a special skill set based on understanding and experience of what it’s like to transition into these situations, become fully effective once in place, and adapt to disruption and change. Cambria’s globally savvy coaches have deep experience helping these leaders and teams sharpen their effectiveness and deepen their impact. They bring broad expertise in the issues involved in leading complex, global, and matrixed organizations, intellectual grounding in global economic, social, and political issues, and personal experience living and working across cultures and borders.

Our Results

Cambria helps global leaders and teams identify priority areas of focus for navigating the complexities of a global environment, guiding them in creating ground rules and action plans, addressing existing and emerging challenges, gauging progress, and sustaining momentum.