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Inside Edge® Internal Coaching

Build your organization’s internal coaching capability.

About Internal Coaching

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of individualized development through coaching. Training internal HR professionals, OD consultants, and even line managers to coach helps drive talent strategies further into the enterprise, increases the power and scalability of coaching throughout the organization (often while reducing the expense of external coaches), and embeds a “coaching culture.”

Cambria’s Approach

Inside Edge® is Cambria’s holistic approach to developing internal coaches and internal coaching practices. Cambria has been developing internal coaching capability in organizations for over twenty years, bringing an uncommon level of experience to our Inside Edge engagements. Hallmarks of our approach include a strategic view of coaching that targets key talent and business drivers, a seasoned training faculty of practicing executive coaches, many of whom have been internal coaches themselves, and a track record of implementing, managing, and enhancing internal coaching practices with high business credibility and impact.

Our Results

Our strategic perspective, consultative approach, and hands-on implementation experience ensure that internal coaching is well positioned, optimally structured and targeted, and sustainably managed to deliver long-term value for the organization. Our Inside Edge learning modules offer training on a full range of coaching skills, from the fundamentals of coaching for HR and for managers to elite, executive-level coaching — organizations choose the modules that best support their needs. Inside Edge ensures that effective, well-prepared, and well-supported internal coaches are ready for the high-impact work of coaching others in their organization.