Success Stories

Inside Edge® Internal Coaching

Consumer Products Company

Coaching had already been integrated into one of the divisions of this fast-moving company as a key component of leadership development. The President of that division, who was initially focused on coaching for the top two tiers of leadership, wanted to provide the benefits of this form of individualized development to other levels of the organization. The solution was to build internal coaching capacity with their best HR professionals and managers – people who were excellent consultants but did not have the skills to be effective coaches.

The division chose Cambria to provide Inside Edge® internal coach development. The first two programs were treated as pilots with a selected group of HR professionals who were seasoned, strong, and had “street credibility” to ensure that the program was seen as special and only for top HR talent. These programs were so successful that Inside Edge was adopted by the enterprise and sponsored by each of its divisions. The first enterprise program included HR professionals around the world to create global capacity and to generate advocacy for this new capability. Nearly 150 people were trained over a four-year period, with programs delivered in the US, the UK, and Mexico.

As a result, leaders at lower levels in the company were able to get just-in-time development to enhance their leadership skills and be more effective sooner in new roles. The impact was felt in the HR community, as these trained coaches employed their coaching skills day to day, enhancing the quality of their engagements with line management.