Internal Coaching eBook – Create a Coaching Culture

(Boston, MA – 2/14/2017) – The leading talent strategy firm, Cambria Consulting, has released a new eBook with practical pointers on how organizations can launch internal coaching to address key talent development goals.

Drawing on more than 15 years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies introduce internal coaching programs, the new Cambria eBook provides clear direction on how best to maximize internal coaching to achieve key business goals – and where to start.

“More and more companies know that Internal coaching is critical to helping them address important strategic challenges,” said Colleen Gentry, Cambria partner and co-lead of Cambria’s coaching practice. “Internal coaching provides unique leverage to address important issues – including succession planning, onboarding, managing change, and leadership transition – among many others,” she added.

Cambria’s new eBook provides clear direction on the most relevant topics, including: how to make the business case for an internal coaching initiative; how to get started and get stakeholder buy-in; selecting internal coaches across the organization, and how to launch the initiative.

“Building a coaching culture is very important to many organizations – but it doesn’t happen overnight,” said Gentry. “It requires a commitment across the organization to value coaching from the most senior management levels on down. It also requires a critical mass of people skilled in the art and practice of coaching,” she added.

Cambria Consulting is a 30-year innovator of solutions that accelerate talent development, coaching, hiring, and succession within organizations to help drive business results. The firm’s eBook on internal coaching is offered as a complimentary download.

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