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Integrated Leadership Development

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About Excelerated® Development

Excelerated® Development enables you to connect all the elements of a talent development process on a single integrated platform – from goal-setting, gathering 360 feedback, individual development planning, selecting development resources, coaching activity, and charting development progress. It helps leaders excel by clarifying expectations for their role, assessing current capabilities and development gaps, and connecting them to the right people, tools and resources to foster continuous development.

How it Works

Excelerated provides a suite of development applications that can be enabled as needed to complement existing tools and processes. Individuals have their own development workspaces that contain all their development information, which can be shared with their managers, mentors, and HR business partners in one easy-to-access location. From there, they can search information about other leaders in the organization for technical assistance, mentoring, and coaching. The system also provides access to resources (on-the-job suggestions, coaching recommendations, training offerings, readings, etc.) to support development. (For details, see development.)

Benefits and Value

Development information is frequently distributed in different places across the organization – development goals tucked in a drawer, a large database of training courses not directly linked to development needs, job descriptions in an HR folder, and information on technical expertise not easily available. Excelerated Development allows individuals to bring all this information together in one location and connect them to other resources as needed to facilitate just-in-time development and easy, continuous tracking of progress.

Addressing Your Key Challenges

Leadership development should be treated as a business process with goals, sequence and flow elements, resource allocation, and specified activities of participants, roles, and systems. In most organizations, however, it is usually a disconnected set of activities loosely organized around a talent review or succession objective. Excelerated Development puts all the necessary elements on a single integrated platform in a logical sequence and workflow. that integrates with your enterprise HR system.

How Cambria Helps

Excelerated® Development addresses leadership development in the context of the larger business objective: having key talent with the necessary capabilities in place when needed. Its suite of development tools, including the following, can be enabled or adapted as needed:

Development planning

Excelerated includes a development planner where individuals can maintain goals, activities, notes and documents. Plans can be created specifically for an assignment, a coaching engagement, or a development program, or simply for long-term professional development. These plans can be shared with managers, executive sponsors, HR program administrators, coaches, or others as needed.

Defining goals and activities

Individuals can record and track individual development goals using a variety of templates that meet SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based) criteria. Development activities are linked to each goal to create a comprehensive development plan. These activities are added automatically to their calendars, so they never miss a development goal.

Documents, notes and discussions in one place

Individuals can create and store all development documents in one place, cleanly organized in folders, with full version history. Managers and HR can also create both personal and shared folders, record development notes, and create shared discussions to track critical commitments and decisions.

Development resource guides

Excelerated Development includes online resource guide functionality, including development and coaching suggestions linked to competencies, training programs, readings, videos, and other activities. It includes a built-in database of suggestions and can incorporate others from your organization. The resource guide can also be linked to an external learning management system to provide a targeted short-list of important development resources.

Excelerated® Role Profiler

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