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Leadership Agility®360

Leadership Agility for Greater Effectiveness

What It Is

The Leadership Agility® 360 is designed to assess the new mindsets and skillsets that executives need to make wise decisions and take effective action in today’s complex and rapidly changing global business environment.

It is based on groundbreaking research by leadership consultants Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs detailed in Leadership Agility  (Jossey-Bass, 2007). Their research demonstrates how leaders progress through a series of predictable, learnable agility levels that are rooted in well-documented stages of personal development.

How It Works

The Leadership Agility® 360 provides feedback on a manager’s agility in three contexts that are central to leadership effectiveness: leading organizational change, improving team performance, and engaging in pivotal conversations.

Participants select relevant feedback providers which may include managers, peers, direct reports, and/or other stakeholders. Leadership agility assessment reports are emailed to participants or sent to a certified coach for a debriefing. Reports indicate each participant’s current agility level and offer a personalized, descriptive road map of the next steps in his or her leadership development.

Benefits and Value

The Leadership Agility® 360 is well-suited for use with executives, senior managers, and high-potential managers, although it can also be used with middle managers.

Results are highly correlated with independent ratings of leadership performance and show no race, gender, or age-related bias. Certification is required for debriefing participants, and is provided by ChangeWise, co-creator of the Leadership Agility® 360 with Cambria.

Addressing Your Key Challenges

Consistently effective leadership in today’s world demands that executives have the skills, experience and ability to lead transformative change.

While leaders placed into critical roles often have the potential for visionary leadership, personal development can help them take their leadership performance to a higher level more quickly. The Leadership Agility® 360 helps executives understand not only their current abilities, but also the path they must take as individuals to realize their full potential as a corporate leader.

How Cambria Helps


The underlying leadership agility research shows that leaders tend to fall into three categories. These represent agility stages that conform to well-documented stages of personal development. The beginning of the Leadership Agility® process involves an assessment of leaders in relationship to these categories:

  • Experts: Leaders who use their technical and functional expertise to make organizational improvements, supervise teams, identify and solve key problems, and sell their solutions to others.
  • Achievers: Leaders who set clear organizational objectives, lead strategic change, motivate and orchestrate team performance, and engage in challenging cross-boundary conversations.
  • Catalysts: The rare visionary leaders who can lead transformative change, develop high-participation teams, and collaborate with others to develop creative, high-impact solutions for tough business issues.

A Different Kind of 360

The Leadership Agility® 360 helps leaders find their agility center of gravity that describes their typical approach to situations from different perspectives.

Unlike other 360-degree assessments, there are no good or bad answers. The feedback report identifies the participant’s most characteristic behaviors and measures how effectively those behaviors are demonstrated.


The Leadership Agility® 360 is designed for use only by coaches trained and certified by ChangeWise. A network of certified coaches is available in 22 countries across North America, South America, the UK, Europe, Africa, and Asia/Pacific. Click here for more information about certification.

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