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Leadership Inventory™ 360

A 360 assessment for senior management and executive roles.

What It Is

The Leadership Inventory™ 360 assesses the essential competencies of senior managers and executives leading organizations or work units with multiple layers of management. It is based on our study for the Corporate Executive Board evaluating the competencies used by more than 80 leading global companies, competency-based interviews with over 1,000 senior managers and executives in Fortune 500 companies, and work with CEOs and boards on leader succession and high-potential development.

What It Does

The easy-to-use online instrument measures 14 competencies in three categories: Strategic Leadership, People Leadership, and Personal Leadership. It can be administered on-demand by the participant, a coach, or a third party, or managed in groups for a cohort of participants. The participant can specify feedback providers (bosses, peers, direct reports, etc.) and set the timeline for the process. The system does the rest, providing a dashboard view of the status to the participant and/or administrator. Reports are delivered by email in PDF format to the participant or a designated third party (e.g., a coach).

Benefits and Value

The Leadership Inventory 360 is geared toward mid- to senior-level managers in any industry and function. The clear, transparent nature of the observable behaviors assessed — complemented by narrative feedback that supports the numerical ratings — makes the results readily interpretable and actionable by recipients. It requires neither special certification to administer nor complex explanations to debrief.