Our Solutions


Cambria provides high-value training and development programs for managers and their teams to translate learning into action and action into organizational performance.

What We Do

Cambria has created and delivered custom training and development programs for supervisors, managers, and executives from the beginning. Today, we also offer programs for recruiters, supervisors and managers, internal coaches, and global leaders built on the best of our knowledge, experience, and understanding of how adults learn.

What Makes Us Different

Cambria’s highly selective offerings leverage organizational performance through individual skill building. These innovative, engaging, and practical programs focus on the essential skills needed to address today’s significant managerial challenges. They go beyond “learning” to achieve behavior change and organizational impact.

Custom Program Design

Cambria also designs custom integrated solutions for senior-level learning. We partner with corporate clients and leading business schools to craft custom programs that include executive and faculty experts, action learning, assessment, and coach-supported development both during- and after program delivery.

Cambria Learning Services

Inside Edge® Internal Coaching

Build a robust internal coaching capability with a holistic approach to developing internal coaches and internal coaching practices with maximum business impact.

Coaching Essentials for Managers

Equip people managers at all levels with the coaching skills and approaches needed to align, engage, and develop their employees to reach their full potential.

Custom Leadership Programs

Create integrated leadership solutions for senior-level education that translate learning into action and convert action into visible and valuable business results.

Selecting for Success™

Improve your hit rate in hiring with sophisticated, evidence-based behavioral interviewing and a powerful process to zero in on the most essential criteria to hire for.

Constructive Conversations™

Enable people at all levels to engage more constructively in disagreements, emotionally charged dialogue, and other challenging conversations.

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