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Management Inventory™ 360

A 360 assessment for team leaders, supervisors and managers.

What It Is

The Management Inventory™ 360 assesses the essential competencies of first-level and mid-level managers who are responsible for organizational units and teams. It draws on Cambria’s 30+ years of research studying and observing high-performing managers in a wide variety of organizations, including biotech, pharmaceutical, consumer products, retail, energy, insurance, manufacturing, nonprofit and NGOs, professional services, public sector, and technology.

What it Does

The easy-to-use online instrument measures 18 competencies in four categories: Delivering Results, Dealing with Change, Leading People and Teams, and Influencing Others. It can be administered on-demand by the participant, a coach, or a third party, or managed in groups for a cohort of participants. The participant or company can specify feedback providers (bosses, peers, direct reports, etc.) and set the timeline for the process. The system does the rest, providing a dashboard view of the status to the participant and/or administrator. Reports are delivered by email in PDF format to the participant or a designated third party (e.g., a coach).

Benefits and Value

The Management Inventory 360 is an easy-to-understand, highly relevant, and face-valid multi-rater assessment that applies to the widest set of managerial situations and requirements in supervisory roles in any business or function. Its content is in clear business language that people can relate to, emphasizes the most important skills and behaviors applicable to a wide range of managerial situations and requirements, and reflects what the best performers do to achieve results.