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Role Profiling

Go beyond job descriptions to clarify what’s most important for each role.

About Role Profiling

Role profiles are simplified, at-a-glance dashboards that put the most important responsibilities, tasks, performance outcomes, competencies, and challenges of a role on a single page. They replace complex, disjointed job descriptions with a simple document that is far more useful for employees, managers, and hiring teams.

Cambria’s Approach

Role profiles are a Cambria innovation designed to address the common inadequacies of job descriptions and standalone competency models. These often lack necessary context and offer little guidance for how to optimize performance in a specific job or chart a development path to achieving career goals. Role profiles provide essential information about each role, its relationship to other roles, and how it connects to the organization’s strategy and goals. They are the perfect vehicle for more effective manager-employee performance and development discussions and provide employees with a clearer view to future career opportunities.

Our Results

Cambria’s role profiles help drive employee effectiveness by clarifying what’s most significant about a role and how specifically to perform it most effectively. Role profiles form the basis of key talent management applications — from recruiting and onboarding to development and succession planning. Furthermore, role profiles provide a productive framework for performance appraisal and coaching conversations, and they connect to key elements of HRIS systems and applications.