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Selecting for Success

Competency Based Interview & Selection Training

Optimize your employee and leader selection with competency based interviewing.

About Selecting for Success™

Cambria’s Selecting for Success™ is more than a competency-based interview skills training program. It includes what other employee and leader selection programs leave out: how to profile critical hiring requirements and criteria as well as the best questions for identifying high-potential new hires.

Cambria’s Approach

In this workshop, recruiters, HR staff, and hiring managers will learn to profile the job requirements, observe effective interviewing, and receive intensive practice and coaching on Cambria’s evidence-based Critical Behavior Interview® structured interviewing technique.

Cambria provides interview scripts, tip cards, and a library of the common skills and personal characteristics for most employee selection situations.

Our Results

Cambria’s CBI interviewing technique is used today in consulting, financial services, technology, and manufacturing companies, as well as other organizations looking to hire the best talent.

Selecting for Success™ effectively trains participants on one of the most important yet challenging components of a strategic hiring process: the evidence-based selection interview.

Addressing Your Key Challenges

How do you increase the success rate of new hires? By equipping recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals with the interview tools and skills needed to separate the most promising candidates from others.

Our consultants teach ways to use objective data about a candidate’s abilities and potential to make informed employee selection decisions.

How Cambria Helps

Selecting for Success is designed to go beyond interview training — and to optimize the entire recruiting lifecycle, from sourcing to selection to onboarding.

Designed with Managers in Mind

Selecting for Success™ is easy to master, with a structure that is simple to follow while remaining conversational. Managers appreciate its simplicity and quickly become proficient with the supporting tools.

Going Deeper Than the Resume

Our process teaches competency-based interviewing that reveals candidates’ mindsets as well as their behaviors to help hiring managers make better selection decisions. It uncovers what candidates’ accomplishments indicate about their success potential for the new job.

The Right Questions for the Right Skills

Selecting for Success™ helps recruiters and managers focus on the right questions about critical hiring competencies. Cambria’s tools quickly prepare them to conduct focused interviews that yield deeper insight into how candidates are likely to perform once they are hired.

Better Hiring Decisions

It starts with identifying the fewest, most important competencies to look for, and ends with decisions based on the evidence – focused on the facts, not opinions. Recruiters and managers also learn to identify and avoid natural preferences and biases that can interfere with making the best selection decisions.

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