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Selecting for Success

Far exceed basic interview skills training.

About Selecting for Success™

Selecting for Success™ is more than an interview skills training program — it includes what other programs leave out: how to profile the most important requirements and hiring criteria for the job, as well as the best questions to ask to find out whether the candidates have what it takes to be successful new hires.

Cambria’s Approach

In this one-day hands-on workshop, recruiters, HR staff, and hiring managers will observe examples of effective interviewing, receive intensive interview skills practice and coaching on Cambria’s evidence-based Critical Behavior Interview® (CBI) structured interviewing technique, and learn how to profile the requirements of a job. The program includes a rich, pragmatic toolkit consisting of interview scripts, tip cards, and a library of the common skills and personal characteristics for most hiring situations — with instructions for how to assess them.

Our Results

Cambria’s CBI interviewing technique is used today in consulting, financial services, technology, manufacturing, and other organizations looking to hire the best talent. Selecting for Success effectively trains participants on one of the most important yet challenging components of a strategic hiring process: the evidence-based selection interview. And it provides a complete package that also includes profiling job requirements to determine selection criteria and develop an interview protocol to effectively — and objectively — assess them.