Recruit and hire top talent for the hardest-to-fill jobs.

About Selection

Cambria specializes in developing selection systems for jobs that require unusual combinations of skills, motivational factors, and other personal characteristics that give our clients a competitive advantage. We also deliver organizationwide standards and criteria that add rigor to the hiring process and ensure the best possible hit rate when hiring the talent needed for today and tomorrow.

Cambria’s Approach

We provide all the tools and training needed to equip recruiters and hiring managers with the skills to assess internal and external candidates for key jobs. User-friendly hiring guides and hands-on training in Cambria’s evidence-based interviewing technique, the Critical Behavior Interview™ (CBI), enable hiring managers to improve their success in staffing key jobs with qualified candidates while reducing adverse impact and complying with all legal requirements.

Our Results

All organizations want to hire top performers. Today more than ever, the competition for talent is intense. This requires an approach to hiring that goes beyond just filling today’s requirements. Cambria’s competency-based methods look at the big picture of building organizational capability through acquiring and retaining the best people, and they help our clients develop hiring strategies that meet their long-term needs.