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Talent Review

Gauge the capabilities and potential of your most valuable people.

About Talent Review

Organizations need a clear view of the capabilities of their critical talent, particularly at leadership levels, to ensure sustainable performance. But too often this view is based on limited information and a process that allows subjective judgments, personal familiarity, hearsay, and recent events to override a more objective look at experience, past performance, and future capability.

Cambria’s Approach

We start by defining the requirements for the target roles – performance history, business and functional knowledge, critical skills, experiences, behavioral competencies, and personal characteristics. We then guide business leaders through a systematic process that substitutes subjectivity with fact-based judgment using systematic advance preparation, explicit guidelines for assessing employee performance and potential, and one-page employee profile forms.

Our Results

Cambria makes talent reviews simple, pragmatic, and aligned with the strategy and priorities of the business. Our talent review guides, templates, and tools ensure a consistent and efficient process that supports business leaders in assessing their strategic priorities, spotlighting their top talent, and discussing actions to be taken for everyone to enhance their current performance and future contribution.