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Talent Review

Insightful Leadership Talent Assessment

About Talent Review

Organizations need a clear view of the capabilities of their critical talent to ensure sustainable performance. Too often this view is based on limited information and a talent review process that allows subjective judgments and recent events to override a more objective look at experience, past performance, and future capability.

Cambria’s Approach

We define requirements for the target roles, including performance history, business and functional knowledge, critical skills and experiences, behavioral competencies, and personal characteristics. We then guide business leaders through a proven talent assessment process that replaces subjectivity with fact-based judgment using systematic advance preparation and well-defined guidelines.

Our Results

Cambria makes talent review simple, pragmatic, and aligned with the business strategy. Our talent review guides, templates, and tools ensure a consistent, efficient process that supports business leaders in spotlighting their top talent and decision-making on the direction needed for all team members to enhance current performance and future contributions.

Addressing Your Key Challenges

In most organizations, the talent inventory includes employee work history, experience, knowledge, skills, and record of performance. This information alone is not enough to inform talent decisions about what really matters: predicting future performance and potential.

Our rigorous approach to leadership talent assessment is comprehensive, examining both your organization’s current definition of excellence as well as your most important capability requirements for the future.