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Team Development

Strengthen team effectiveness through better collaboration, communication, and focus.

About Team Development

Highly effective teams don’t just happen — they’re built through clear team priorities, mutual accountability, candid and thoughtful dialogue, and trust developed over time. The members of any team face the challenge of balancing their individual priorities with the team leader’s goals and agenda. Even well-functioning teams can benefit from taking a “time out” to reflect on how well their decision-making process is working and whether the experience and talents of their members are being fully leveraged.

Cambria’s Approach

Cambria works with senior teams to enhance their effectiveness by identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement, facilitating honest conversations, and providing tools that support team development. Through a combination of individual and group work, we facilitate the engagement of every team member and elicit the commitment needed to achieve the team’s potential, all in the context of the challenges facing the business overall, the team in particular, and each person’s role individually.

Our Results

Cambria helps teams at all levels — from the C-suite down — set and align around clear goals, maintain focus on team priorities, engage in open and productive debate, successfully onboard new members, and develop greater levels of understanding and stronger working relationships among all members. Teams leave our sessions with a greater sense of purpose, clarity around roles, enhanced decision-making, and renewed energy.