Success Stories

Custom Leadership Programs

Media Company

A national broadcasting and print media company wanted to enhance the leadership capabilities of high-potential individuals through focused development. To meet this need, building on the key competencies of the company’s most successful leaders, Cambria developed and implemented an executive leadership program incorporating aspects of succession planning and career development. The program incorporated 360-degree feedback to assess the strengths and development needs of the company’s high-potentials and trained internal coaches to provide 360-degree debrief coaching to reinforce key feedback messages with program participants. The company’s CEO participated as well, helping him to serve as a role model for leadership development within the organization.

As a result, the organization has developed a strong leadership focus and culture, fully incorporating the leadership competencies into its succession planning and performance management processes.

Chemical Company

A leading specialty chemicals company wanted to enhance its leadership bench to address aggressive business growth goals and future leadership needs and challenges in the organization. To meet this need, Cambria co-developed an accelerated leadership development program, which included two weeks of substantive training focused on strategic thinking, strategy execution, innovation, and leadership ethics. The program also included an action-learning component that challenged participants to develop recommendations for real strategic issues that the corporation needed to address. External coaches provided individual coaching to all participants throughout the program and team coaching to the action learning teams.

As a result, participants enhanced their strategic thinking and execution skills, improved their personal leadership skills, and developed networks of global relationships with fellow participants and senior managers. Furthermore, the corporation implemented multiple recommendations from the action learning projects. Half of the initial program participants were promoted within three months of completing the program because of their accomplishments.

Management Consulting and Outsourcing Company

A new CEO and leadership team was selected following this firm’s years of organic growth and the acquisition of a business process outsourcing (BPO) company. The new enterprise growth strategy demanded a different approach to leadership development, and Cambria was engaged to design a program built around the context of the new business model and the related leadership challenges.

Collaborating with the company’s internal leadership development group, Cambria designed the Global Leadership Forum (GLF), which was delivered to the top 200 leaders over multiple sessions. It combined CEO- and leader-led education; collaboration with professors from Harvard, Tuck, Wharton, and the London Business School; action learning on topics related to the strategic plan; executive assessment via 360-degree competency feedback; and group/team coaching to facilitate individual development and action learning components of the program.

The GLF and management education for executives below the top 200 helped put the company on the road to organic growth through the expansion of existing businesses and identification of new opportunities. The program also gave needed business education to many leaders who did not have formal business degrees.