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A California-based CEO was concerned about the lack of professional experience on the board and the resulting indifference of the board to her initiatives to change its structure and develop its members.

The CEO engaged a Cambria coach regarding her concerns. In response, the coach adapted a list of best board practices for the CEO’s information. These documents were forwarded to the directors for an all-day meeting facilitated by the coach.

In the process, the coach introduced a self-assessment questionnaire to get board members’ views on the board culture, board member capabilities, whether the board was focusing on the right issues and providing the right information, and whether it had the right people with the knowledge and experience to provide good governance.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the only director who had significant experience on other boards and who had done independent work on best practices was requested to make specific proposals to reform the board’s process and practices. The work of the board is continuing.

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